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Indian puppets ware lively, Colorful, and fasinating.

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hartiya Lok Kala Mandal was founded by Padma Shri Devilal Samar in 1952. The main objective of this Institute is to conduct studies on folk art, culture, songs and festivals of regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc. and to revive a vanishing folk culture.
         The Institute has a puppet-unit that trains children, teachers and other artistes in the art of puppetry, which is a very powerful non-conventional educative medium. It also boasts of regular performances that are a feast to behold. A group of 25 artistes go on tour, both within India and abroad with a repertoire of puppet shows and various folk dances.
Their performances have brought the Institute a number of honors on national and international levels. More...

Dance & Puppet Show
Rs. 80/- for Indian Tourist
Rs. 100/- for Foreign Tourist
Rs. 40/- for students/above 5 years children.
Rs. 40/- for Indian Tourist
Rs. 60/- for Foreign Tourist
Rs. 20/- for students/above 5 years children.
Combo Ticket
Rs. 110/- for Indian tourist
Rs. 150/- for Foreign tourist
Time for show 12 to 1 PM & Evening 6 to 7 PM

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